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Laid Off, But Not Laid Out is the riveting book by author Kimberly Kisner. Kimberly has a way of telling “her story” of how she dealt with various lay off experiences throughout her career. She has a unique way of drawing the reader into her personal experience, as though they were actually there while she was going through a lay off. Laid Off, But Not Laid Out will provide readers with tips and insights on how to handle their own lay off situations. Readers will learn how to grieve the loss of a job; the art of negotiating bills; and how important it is to have a Plan B. Laid off, But Not Laid Out will not provide readers with all of the answers, but it will help them to shift their perception about their layoff situation. 

Kim Kisner's book will keep you from being laid out after being laid off.


Laid Off is a testament to the notable Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe's declaration that indeed literature can alter our social and political condition. In this case, it might also lead to a job.

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